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The upcoming Chinese Lunar is the moment where we usually share red envelopes. This Red envelopes always contain money in China, and are given, most commonly, to kids from their parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts. They are called hongbao in Mandarin. This moment is a good chance to teach our children how use their hangpao wisely. These are the smart ways to teach our children what to do with their hangpao:

Teach them to save their money

As wise word says, “you’ll get what you plant.” In this case, try to motivate our children know that if we save money, they will be able to achieve what they want with that money. We need to emphasize that that money can be used to reach any dream they want to accomplish. It is okay to say that we will pay some percent, but the rest money was from our children. It will trigger them to save money more and more.

Direct them to buy their necessity

We can motivate them to buy their own stationaries, such as pencil, pen, bag, shoes, or even toys. By applying this way, children will be proud of themselves, since they can manage their own money and buy the stuffs by their savings.

Trigger them to do charity

Besides the two ways above, we also can teach our children to set aside their money for charity.  For instance, we can buy them 2 piggy banks. Ask them to fill one piggy bank with coins and the rest with banknotes.

Try to explain to them that one of them is their money, meanwhile the other piggy bank should be given for their friends who are less fortunate. We need to clarify the purpose to our children that charity is a wise way to distribute our money.

Those ways can be applied to our children to learn how to use hangpao wisely. This wise behaviour should be taught in early age to build their kindness.


picture: okezone

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